How to: write a product review

Want to write product reviews for your blog?

Adding product reviews to your blog is actually a really good idea.

Think about it,

how often have you Googled a product before you bought it?

Researched the competition?

Before you jump into writing product reviews, there are some things you should know:

– Only do product reviews on items you’ve actually used.

– Be honest- if you don’t like the product, say you don’t like the product and tell why.

– If you are uncomfortable writing a negative review, incorporate competitors’ products and just say they might be a better option!

– Make sure you include all the key elements for a complete product review:

– an image or picture

– basic information about the product

– the target audience for the product

– the main benefit(s) of the product

– features of the product that set it apart

– price

– where to get the product

– return/warranty/ guarantee details

– the pros and cons of the product

– your final opinion on it

Good luck on your product review :)