Water’s Role In Losing Weight

The amount of water you consume each day plays a huge role in losing weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Water helps your body process nutrients and maintains good circulation. Water boosts your metabolic rate which gives you energy and helps you burn extra calories.

When consuming enough, water can actually help your body burn calories 3% faster.

Drinking 6-8 8oz glasses of water a day will help you replenish the fluids your body uses throughout the day. If you are working out, have a more active job, etc you need to drink more than that- between 8-12 8oz of water.

Water for thought

If you think you’re thirsty, you probably are. If you think you’re hungry, you’re actually probably thirsty as well. It is common to mistake hunger for thirst- the result is people get inadequate amounts of water and they overeat. What can this lead to? You guessed it: weight gain.

DO this: Next time you reach for a piece of food, drink 8oz of water first. That means before a single bite goes in your mouth! The majority of the time the water will satisfy your craving. This is especially helpful when you’re dining out. You know- you sit down to dinner, they put a basket of bread in front of you and before you know it the bread is gone and you can barely finish your meal. Before touching that bread, drink your glass of water and see if you still feel the need to polish off the basket of bread.