How to: make a video testimonial

How to make a video testimonial

I’ve gone through the Costa Rica Intensive

a couple times actually.

But the great thing is seeing it all come together.

In Lesson 10- How to create a compelling story

of the Costa Rica Mastermind

You see real people, on a whim,

each recording their own video testimony on the spot.

The most powerful component of advertising are the testimonies.

As I’m sure you’ve heard before, “facts tell stories sell”

Even more powerful is a video testimonial.

With any type of testimonial,

there are three components.

1.) Your life before

2.) how you came to find the product, service, etc

3.) and how it has positively impacted your life.

If you’ve gone through the Costa Rica Intensive

then you’ve learned the other skills to make your

video testimonial even more powerful.

And if you’ve purchased the 15k formula,

you’ve learned some, quite literally,

“magic words” that will make people feel

compelled to buy

just from watching your video testimonial.

Now get out there and shoot your video!