How to: set goals

The goal setting process

The goal setting process can be very simple, or very complicated. I prefer to keep things simple.

In church today we talked about the importance of goal setting and with that praying like it depends on God and working like it depends on you.

If you’ve heard of Mark Batterson, or read “The Circle Maker” you know a couple things about him. First, he has set hundred of BIG goals. Not just little wimpy ones, but ones that are literally going to take miracles to accomplish. The second thing you know is that Mark is constantly checking his goals and dreams to what God wants for his life.

How do you do this? Pray about it. And that is the first step in goal setting.

  1. Start with Prayer- start with prayer, work through prayer, end with prayer. It goes back to the whole “pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you”
  2. Check Your Motives- are they selfish or do they glorify God? Are you helping anyone else or just yourself?
  3. Get Ideas from Others- look to others for inspiration. It’s ok to borrow other people’s goals and incorporate them into your own.
  4. Think in Categories- spiritual goals, business goals, travel goes, financial goals, family goals… you get the point!
  5. Be Specific- goals need timelines and plans. Don’t set goals like “I want to make a lot of money” or “I want to travel”. How much do you want to make and where do you want to go?!
  6. Write them Down- if it’s not in writing- it’s just a dream!
  7. Include Others- let other people know about the goals you are setting. It helps to have people to encourage you and lift you up (and also call you out if need be) along the way!
  8. Celebrate along the Way
  9. Think Big- big like “I need a miracle to accomplish this” type big!
  10. Keep Dreaming- keep repeating the goal setting process!