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Energy Work Services

I’ve had chronic shoulder issues for years. Years of tennis plus working on a farm contributed to making my shoulders sound like a bowl of rice krispies when I pulled my hair up. After my Reiki session with Casey, my shoulders weren’t clicking every time I moved. It was awesome. I’d been skeptical of Reiki for years. After my session with Casey, I completely believe! -Laura, NH

I went to Casey for relief from my neck pain. It bothers me every night and it interferes with my sleep. I did one EFT session with Casey and felt immediate relief. She also equipped me with a before bed ritual. I’ve done it for the past 4 nights before bed and have been sleeping great! -Nancy, NH

I had surgery on my foot and am non-weight bearing for 8 weeks. One night my foot was hurting more than normal, and Casey did a quick EFT session to decrease the pain. The pain came down from a 7 to a 2 in less than 30 minutes. -Ellen, NH


Health & Nutrition/ Coaching

With her help and support,  I lost 20 pounds and have managed to keep most of it off with a more active lifestyle.  She is such a positive and knowledgeable young woman who is an excellent role model for an active and healthy lifestyle.  I love the Formula 1 Healthy Meal shakes and having two a day with a healthy regular meal helped me to achieve my weight loss goal.  The vitamins and supplements have helped to keep me  healthy and energized.   I feel so much better because of my healthier lifestyle and with the ongoing support of Casey. -Sue, NH


After giving birth to my third baby, I gained 20 lb and knew I did not want to stay that way. So I contacted Casey after seen how much weight she had lost after her baby too. She recommended formula 1, and it has worked really good for me. I’m really close to the my ideal weight now. Working with Casey as my coach was a learning experience, I have learned how to eat healthy and stay healthy. -Judith, MD


Happy to report that I’ve gone from 179.2lbs to 175.8lbs in 5 days! Total inches lost 8.125! -Carrie, CT


Down 11lbs in my first month and I have SO much energy! -Sarah, MI


I started the Formula 1 Shakes and was so surprised at how delicious they were. I add 1/2 of a banana and 1/4 cup blueberries and it tastes great I wasnt hungry between meals and this made it very easy to stick with. Casey was right there to answer any of my questions and always with a cheerful, positive attitude. At the end of my first month I had lost 9.5 lbs. At my young age of 49 its harder to lose weight, but Herbalife made it enjoyable and possible. Thanks, Tammy, NH


Hello very nice web site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds also.


We’ve accepted your challenge to drink only water this week! Can’t wait to fill you in on how it goes! -Linda, MD


Therapeutic Recreation

I am writing in regards to Casey DeStefano.  During the week of 2 June through 8 June, I was detailed to be an escort for the Celebrity Golf Tournament.  Not knowing who or what group I was to be escorting I was extremely pleased to get news that I was going to be interacting with the Disabled Sports USA organization.  Casey immediately impressed me from day one.  I have been a Marine Officer for more than 5 years now and have led some of the greatest Marines both in combat and in garrison.  In mentioning this, I see many outstanding leadership qualities in her as I have seen in stellar Marines.  Throughout the entire week, she took charge of every situation, showed an uncommon care in the wounded warriors, and would go the extra mile to take care of her future patients.  Additionally, until I asked how old she was I would never have known that she was a recent college graduate because she carries a maturity about her that is uncommon for individuals her age.

Though I was a volunteer, I hope that this e-mail would impact your decision to keep her on your staff for future employment.  Please feel free to contact myself or to share my words with her.  I thank you for your time.


Captain Jeremiah Hinkle USMC
Camp Lejeune Area Control Center


I am writing this letter as a reference for Casey DeStefano.  I am an Occupational Therapist (OT) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  I am the civilian clinical supervisor for the Amputee section.

Casey has interned here at Walter Reed for the past 2 summers, and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her both personally and professionally.  She worked in the Therapeutic Recreation Department, which works very closely with OT.

Casey always demonstrates great enthusiasm and interest in Recreational Therapy.  Her personality and attitude will serve her well in this area of study.  She is a very responsible and reliable person.  She is caring and responds very well with this patient population.

She possesses a strong professional and medical ethic.  She is a good problem solver that always displays sound judgment.  She has great communication and interpersonal skills that will carry her far in her career.

Working in this type of environment can be stressful and challenging, but Casey has always been up for the challenge, without hesitation.  She has shown the ability to understand the military background of this facility, which will serve her well.

I feel that Casey would be an excellent candidate for the Therapeutic Recreation Position.  She will be a wonderful addition and asset to any Recreational Therapy Department.


Kristi A. Say OTR/L


Casey DeStefano is an extraordinary young woman. As her Recreation Therapist Supervisor, I have seen many examples of her talents and have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethics.

Casey has outstanding organizational skills. She was able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. During her 12 week internship, she developed and organized community reintegration programs that were appropriate for the wounded warrior soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Casey not only headed the project, she ensured its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that the patients and Walter Reed staff admire. During one of the sports adaptive trips in North Carolina, Camp LeJeune POC e-mailed me a letter of recommendation to hire Casey after her internship due to her professional and courteous performance.

Casey has been trained by me and the other Walter Reed recreation staff on the protocol, documentation, assessment, and evaluation that we utilize here at our own facility. She has knowledge and practice using CHCSII during her internship. She is a swift learner, honest, innovative, outgoing, organized, level-headed, committed, and responsible individual. Casey has firsthand experience of the policies and regulations at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She possesses all these qualities that are needed to make a great Recreation Therapist.  I am very confident in her abilities and potentials as a Recreation Therapist.

If you are seeking superior candidates with a record of achievement, Casey is an excellent choice. She has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenges that she must face.


Tiffany S. Smith, CTRS


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