Whatever you can pick, kill or grow

I’m sitting here on this blustery Wednesday afternoon listening to Chris Harder interview Cathy Savage about her business and her team and she said something that stuck with me.

Cathy was talking about how when she started her fitness team, the other competitors were making it so hard on themselves. The crazy diets and cardio workouts- it wasn’t realistic, it wasn’t healthy and it certainly wasn’t “natural”. Her philosophy was to keep it simple, “if you can pick, kill or grow it, eat as much of it as you want.” She wanted her athletes to be healthy, and to have a physique that could be maintained without deprivation.

If you can't pick it, grow it, or kill it... Don't fucking eat it!Real Food

So what does “pick, grow or kill” look like? It looks like what you’d expect: veggies, fruits, nuts and protein sources. If you think it sounds similar to a Paleo diet, you are right- it’s the same thing under a “newer” name. Contrary to what some believe, you can cook your food and you can use seasoning. Milk is a debated topic. The reality is that humans are the only species that drink milk past infancy, and the majority of our bodies cannot process it:

If you’re American or European it’s hard to realize this, but being able to digest milk as an adult is one weird genetic adaptation.

It’s not normal. Somewhat less than 40% of people in the world retain the ability to digest lactose after childhood. The numbers are often given as close to 0% of Native Americans, 5% of Asians, 25% of African and Caribbean peoples, 50% of Mediterranean peoples and 90% of northern Europeans. Sweden has one of the world’s highest percentages of lactose tolerant people.


So just some food for thought. Instead of counting calories or watching the scale, tackle this method and see if you feel any changes.