Using Your Passion to Create Freedom

Have you ever felt called to do something?

Like there is really no way around it, you know you are meant to do it.

That’s where you need to start.

Sit down. Dig deep. Think.

What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy?

It doesn’t have to be just one thing. It can be more than one thing.

Start a list.

I am passionate about… (fill in the blank).

Here are some of mine- and the list is always growing!

So, FIRST STEP: make a list of the things that are motivating you (leave room so can fit in the other steps)

STEP TWO: elaborate- you’re motivated by your family…but GIVE ME MORE

STEP THREE: add a timeline- when do you want to see these things come to fruition?

STEP FOUR: think about the skills that you have, and what you enjoy. You know what you are passionate about, what you are good at. Things you could see yourself doing day in and day out. Think about the job(s) you have now, or past jobs, what have you liked about them?

This will get you started. In the next couple pages I’ll lay out how we can turn your passions into profits


  • my family
    • I want to spend as much time with Branden as I can before he is in school full-time (1st grade is 2016)
    • I want help my parents retire..within the next 3 years (by 2017)
    • I want to be able to put Branden to bed at night, and get him off to school in the morning
  • freedom for friends and family members
    • I want to be involved in something that I can share with friends and family members who are struggling with physical, spiritual or financial pain (like YESTERDAY)
  • my faith
    • I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus- I want to be able to donate time and money to organizations that support my beliefs (2-3 months)
    • I want to write a book about my journey back to my faith over these past couple years and have it published (complete book by December 2014)
  • travel
    • I want to be able to pick up and go on a whim- for a weekend or for 2 weeks it doesn’t matter. (next trip Jan. 2015- New Years Kick Off in Cali)
    • I want Branden to be able to experience new places and go on vacations just the two of us (2015)
  • overall freedom
    • I want a business that I can do from anywhere- that allows me the daily freedom from not working 9-5 and commuting to and from a job.
    • I want to make my own hours. If Branden is home sick, no big deal. If there is a family emergency and I can’t be present in my business for a week or a month, no worries, things will continue on without me, money will continue to be made.
    • I want to be in control of my days and my schedule. If I want to spend two hours at the gym and doing yoga- so be it! (present- Nov 2014)

What I enjoy/ What I’m good at:

  • health and nutrition
    • I like learning about healthy recipes
    • I like cooking
    • I like making cooking healthy and simple
  • exercise
    • I like working out and learning new exercises
    • I wish I could get paid to workout!
  • talking to people
    • I enjoy making new friends, learning about people’s lives
    • I like working with other people and having a “team” atmosphere
      • on the flip side, I also like being able to work alone and have projects to do by myself
  • sports
    • I like watching sports and interacting with athletes
    • I really enjoyed my internship this past summer and learning about how heart rate and stress affect performance. I could see my self continuing with that
  • online business
    • I am fascinated with the idea using blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc to generate revenue
    • I also enjoy building websites as side streams of income