Why Military Service Members and Their Families?

In New Hampshire alone, we have over:

110, 778 veterans

1,146 active duty military members

and 937 military civilians

(as of 2013 data)


1 in 3 veterans seeking substance abuse treatment has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

(other common problems associated with PTSD are sleep disturbances, nightmares and depression as well as substance abuse)

11-20 out of 100 OIF/OEF veterans have PTSD

19% of military families are in therapy for stress

There are 5.5 MILLION military caregivers in the United States- and 17% of them spend more than 40 hours a week providing care

Some of the common benefits of the services we are offering in our workshops are:

—Increased relaxation

—Reduced pain

—Reduced anxiety

—Reduced stress

—Improved digestion

—Improved sleep

—Improved memory & focus

—Reduced depressive symptoms

—According to research done by Hartford Hospital- Reiki improved: sleep in 86% of patients that participated in Reiki, reduced pain in 78%, and reduced nausea in 80%

In an EFT (emotional freedom techniques) study done with veterans and their family members suffering from PTSD, only 10% of the participants met the clinical criteria for PTSD after treatment.