DIY Natural Body Scrub

I was going to get a spray tan and realize I didn’t have a body scrub to exfoliate before I went.

I quickly Googled homemade body scrubs and came up with a concoction. Needless to say, I love it, and so does my 4 year old :) Once a week we use the homemade scrub.

Some recipes use salt, some use sugar. We used sugar because it is a little gentler on the skin.

The other part is oil. I used Virgin Olive Oil but you can basically use any kind.

You want two parts sugar to one part oil. I used two cups sugar and one cup oil and keep it in a plastic container in the shower. If you have essential oils you can add a drop or two to give your body scrub a scent!

To use, mix it up with your finger before you scoop any of it out into your hand. My suggestion is to wash your hair first, then pull it up off your face and neck. If the oil gets in your hair it’s going to look greasy.

That’s it! Enjoy your smooth, hydrated skin!