Can Diet Affect a Child’s Behavior?


Hey Everyone!

Like I explained in the video, my four year old son has been having some behavioral issues at school. So much so, that two weeks ago the pre-school kindly asked me to find “alternative arrangements” for the rest of the summer. That’s difficult for any parent, but as a single mom working 3 jobs…I panicked.

The pre-school director suggested sending B to a behavioral specialist (his appointment is this week) for an assessment. Between those two sources and talking with a couple friends that are special education teachers, terms like “self-regulation”, ADD, Autism and Sensory Disorder were brought up. Some of these terms I’m familiar with, some I had never heard of, and I definitely hadn’t thought of them in the context of describing my child- this was all new to me.

So I started doing some digging. I’ve just been reading everything, researching everything and looking at different angles and one of the things I have found so far is that certain components of the diet can increase the behavioral issues seen in the conditions listed above. It’s been very interesting! So some of the information I’m finding I’ll publish as posts- so this is really my introduction (and history) of why I’m covering these topics!

I look forward to sharing with you what I’m learning!