Want to hear some good news about the CTRS exam? It’s a “content driven” exam, which means it really is about applying your knowledge and the questions are less likely to be “tricky” or get you caught up.

I took the CTRS exam inĀ  2008. I was so freaked out at the idea of taking it and I was CONVINCED I was going to fail. I studied my butt off, went in there to take the test, and finished it within an hour.

I remember finishing that last question, looking at the time and panicking. There was no way I finished the test in an hour and did well. But I did. I passed using only the first 90 questions. I didn’t need any additional questions and finished the exam that had a “maximum sit time” of 3 hours…in an hour.

I was (am) blessed with an amazing education from Springfield College and amazing internship and work experiences at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Disabled Sports USA, the National Naval Medical Center and Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.


This is a picture of me while I was interning at DSUSA. We took a group of wounded warriors to the Endeavor Games in 2007.

I am confident that the resources below will help you ace the CTRS exam. Whether you are taking it for your first time, or you are getting your license renewed, these are products you will definitely benefit from.

Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination

This guide includes great information about how to take the test, but it has 90 warm up items and 180 sample questions (the equivalent of TWO full practice tests!)



nctrc study guide

NCTRC Exam Study Guide


This study guide has practice questions, preparation tips, goes over the most important information that you will see on the test and dissects the questions to help find the correct answer through “hint words”




flash-cardsNCTRC Flash Cards


Repetition is key- don’t waste time making your own flashcards, these will reiterate the information you find in the “exam secrets” guide.