Crossfit and Isagenix

Are you, or someone you know, a Crossfitter? Check out the article and videos below to find out how Isagenix can help you crush your PRs.

Crossfit and Isagenix

By Kjersti Cote

If a Crossfitter is interested in getting rid of that “puffy layer” that’s hiding all of the hard earned muscle and striation, then Isagenix is the answer.

Cleansing and the dense nutrition Isagenix supplements offer are a must for any athlete. The results that our professional athletes are getting from our product systems are hands down undeniable.

For an athlete to have products that are not refined, yet full of raw nutrients shipped in from various regions of the world and carefully placed into a container for convenience, is what they’ve been waiting for.

The thing is, is that it’s a mental game with WODs and athletes when it comes to cleansing. One might think taking off 2 days in a row to deep cleanse would set them back but it doesn’t. 2-day cleanses allows the body to massively dejunk, which is important for athletes as they have more toxic byproduct from workouts and muscle shredding, plus the increased exposure to environmental pollutants and increased amount of oxidative stress.

Cleansing not only addresses the above mentioned, but cleans house, allowing the body to absorb nutrients better for faster recovery and better results.

Day 2 in a 2-day cleanse is the magical day, more deep cleansing is accomplished plus hgh is at it’s highest which is critical for youthful aging and a stellar physique.

Days to cleanse would be-

WOD Mon and Tues/ Cleanse Wed and Thurs/ WOD Fri and Sat/ Rest Sun


Crossfitter recommendations-

Paleo meals

Eat every 2 hours

2-3 IsaLean shakes each day-

-1 of those shakes 30 minutes post WOD no exceptions.

-Remember our IsaLean is a “zone Paleo” shake- 40-30-30 whereas the IsaLean Pro is a modified zone for more protein, a must for guys!


AEDP with B-

-Each omega soft gel is equal to 12 other soft gels on the market and is huge for internal lubing and a natural anti-inflammitory

-Mass amounts of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress

-Product B to increase vitality and youthfulness- athletes are PR’ing with just Prod B like never before


-2-4 oz per day-Major contributor to increased stamina, energy and performance. Helps the body cope with physical stress.

Nightly Cleanse For Life-

-Daily dejunking like a light house dusting. Great for pre-competition.

9-Day Deep Cleanse-

-When they feel it’s time deep cleansing

-Minimum every 3 months

-Great for post competition

Mutli Enzyme Complex-

-For all Paleo cooked meals

Greens and IsaFruits-

-Helps oxygenate the blood better

-Again, needed antioxidants without all the sugar

-Cold pressed and extracted


-Depending on how strict the Crossfitter is:

-Adds extra stress relieving herbs and a kick of natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate.


So…. what should your Isagenix order look like??

Order: 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System with IsaLean Pro, IsaDelights & IsaPro

This system gives you 3 protein packed shakes per day plus Ionix, Cleanse For Life, Natural Accelerator, Isa Snacks, IsaFlush, a few samples of Want More Energy, plus the IsaPro for before bed and the IsaDelights for cleanse days and pre- workouts.

If you are eating 6 meals a day- this takes care of 3 of those meals per day at $5/meal


Start by clicking on the Isagenix site.

On the left side choose “30 day system”. It will then take you through choosing your flavors and placing your order.

After selecting the options for the 30 day system, from the drop-down menu choose “products” –> “energy and performance solutions” and add IsaPro and IsaLean Pro.

Potential Add-Ons:

Multi Enzyme Complex


Ageless Essentials Daily Pak

Want More Energy

E+ shots


Sample Isagenix & Crossfit Schedule- Thanks Daniel M.

Adjust to fit your schedule and WOD’s


6AM – Ionix Supreme

6:30AM – IsaLean Pro Shake w/ Ageless Essentials AM

8:30AM – Food snack

11:00AM – IsaLean shake Shake

1:00PM – Lunch

3:30PM – Ionix packet with Want More Energy and an IsaDelight (Pre-WOD)

4:30PM – 5:30PM – CrossFit WOD

6:00PM – IsaLean or IsaLean Pro Shake, w/Ageless Essentials PM plus 2 extra IsaOmegas (Post WOD)

8:00PM – Mini meal or food snack

9:30PM – 1 scoop IsaPro


Here is another video of Yurri Hanson, CrossFit Champion and his use of Isagenix:


Again, place your order by clicking on this Isagenix link

If you have any questions, call or text Casey at: 603-496-8300 or email: