Meet Casey



Casey graduated from Springfield College in 2008 with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, a minor in Business and a concentration in Sports Management.

She spent two summers doing a dual internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Disabled Sports USA, rehabilitating the severely wounded soldiers through recreation and sports. After completing her internships, Casey was hired as the CTRS to serve the veterans with traumatic brain injuries, PTSD and multiple limb loss.

In 2011 she relocated back to New Hampshire and started working part-time at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown, MA. Recently, the military has allocated funds towards researching energy healing techniques for TBI/PTSD. Casey found this to be a great way to expand her reach as a CTRS, provide services outside of a hospital setting to those in need, and continue to grow as a professional.

Through a friend, Casey learned about Isagenix. After watching her friend, Kristi, in the business for about a year, Casey decided to get on the products and see what all the fuss was about.

Her first 30 days on the cleanse system, she dropped the 10 pounds she couldn’t seem to lose, and more importantly her energy sky-rocketed and her body fat dropped. She went to her first Isagenix event, learned more about the products and the business and realized nutrition was an important piece that needed to be incorporated into her wellness business.

Casey is passionate about helping others increase their quality of life and aiding others in the healing process through recreation and complementary techniques.