Blog Ranking

The importance of blog ranking

You need to be blogging daily.

Why is this so important?

In simple terms, it helps with blog ranking.

The higher your blog is ranked,

The more traffic you will get to your blog,

the more traffic you get,

the more leads,

the more leads the more SALES.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

That is how you make money blogging.

Here are some screen shots to show you blog ranking for specific keywords.

Blog ranking for the keywords “empower network women”

4 and 5 out of 17, 300,000 results

empower network women search 19 March 13


Blog ranking for the keywords “blogging statistics”. Ranked 4 out of 21,400,000 results

blogging statistics search 11 march 13Blog ranking for the keywords “15k Formula”. Ranked 4 and 5 out of 1,170,000 results.

15k formula search 19 march 13


Blog Ranking for keywords “what should you blog about”. Ranked 10 out of 6,010,000,000

what should you blog about search 19 march 13


You may or may not have noticed that some of my ranks have a little profile man thing next to my blog title. That image thing means I shared the post on Google+.

So as you can see blogging is the core principle of increasing your influence online, but another component of increasing your blog rank is sharing it via social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are the four main social media sites I use and I suggest you incorporate it into your strategy as well.